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I tried to replace my manual regulator and I found this weird screw I couldn't take out. It's like a squished screw, does anyone know how to take it out? Please help.

engine is not having any misfire it runs great

I just bought a 1997 Toyota Tercel with approximately 110,000 miles on it. On a short test drive it performed well. After signing the papers and driving it home, the vehicle began to "buck" when cruising at 55/60 on the Interstate. It wasn't when accelerating, just when cruising. I took it back to the shop that sold it to me, and they found an ignition coil that needed replaced. They replaced it, and it performed a bit better overall, but it still bucks at 55/60 when cruising. Any idea as to what may be the problem?

Also changed slave cylinder. Bled lines very well.
Got it into gear after adjusting clutch pedal, but something still not right.

my trans caused my car to come to a complete stop. after cooling down, I was able to drive it home. (1.5 miles)it stopped once on the way. it is making a hissing/light grinding sound. does it need a complete rebuild?? or just some type of service? TIA.

the reason I'm asking is my 97 Tercel had 2 tension pulleys on it but after i had some work done to it i noticed it now has none. In fact the whole pulley set up does not look the same??? the guy said he replaced the crank because it had some a few broken teeth on it. I'm really confused, I know i don't much about motors but i do know it doesn't look the same under the hood, please help!!!

runs well for 3 or 5 miles and leaks oil front top of the trans.

Tail lites work. Is it going to be a big expense to fix?Can it be fixed?

Last night driving I noticed interior lights(dash and clock) were very dim as with headlights. Battery light has been off and on for a while but yesterday consistently on. Got home my dad took my battery out of the car and tried 2 different batteries. Neither batteries worked unless a hot box was jumping them. Tried charging a battery and again nothing. What is happening/wrong?

the transmission will start out in first but will not change to second or third I checked the transmission fluid its dirty but not burnt.

already replaced a bunch of vacuum lines and a gas filter

Problem occurs occasionally but more often now. Wait for a short while then engine will restart. Distributor does not have an exciter but could the coil be faulty? What other possible causes?

I have only had my car a year and since that time I have put 4 starters in it. Each time the starter just burns up within 3 to 6 months. I isn't the ignition switch, and we have taken it in to mechanics but are unable to find the problem.

Tercel 1997

I assume the front calipers over extended and I know they leak and I have no hydraulic pressure save the manual e brake. Can I repair or pop the caliper back in and it will seal and work or must I replace the calipers? In a financial bind with two immobile cars so the calipers cost is a big factor towards if I can afford the repair. also will i need to bleed the whole system and all 4 wheels if I replace calipers or just the front ?