1996 Toyota Tercel Questions

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My. Engine acts like it is fuel starved. It sputters and dies sometimes like its out of gas
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Engine does worse when hot
i cannot find the starter on my toyota tercel 1996
When I drive away from the light, they brighten back up.
Is the o/d light suppose to be on but says it's off?
New battery new starter any suggestions?
Tire Kingdom wants @ 600 bucks to install 4 (they said 4 mounts.) Also, @ 600 bucks to fix leaking rack and pinion steering. Thank you.
Ithe vent, but windows wont clear for a VERY long time.
Battery good. Starter fairly new. Problem started last week, would try a few times, switch through gears, etc and would eventually start. Problem is getting worse.
I cannot control the heater temperature. I believe the cable end has come off the control valve lever. It appears to me it may be behind a plastic plate in the top-center of the dash. I tried prying the plate but it did not seem to want to budge. I don't want to break it in any way... How do I get it out of the dash if that is what I need to do to access the heater control valve.
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