1995 Toyota Tercel Questions

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What would cause the timing to advance more then 30 degrees causing a pre ingtion knock
The radio and a humming noise by the engine ???
Already changed the plugs and wire and fuel filter.
If anyone knows how to fix this I will appreciate.
All of a sudden car sputters and runs rough in drive but revs fine in neutral , why
Have a '95 Tercel and see oil leaking out of the camshaft. When taken the cover off saw one camshaft without a seal and one with a sprocket. Is there suppose to be a plug in the one that doesn't have a seal? When I turn on the car a lot of oil seems to be spilling out. Wondering if all the seals needing to be replaced.
is there supposed to be a plug in the hole
The tail lights stay on unless I unhook the battery
My car is leaking oil out of either the main seal or the crankshaft seal I've got a new fuel filter both seals and all three belts
My car has no power to go
I've also been told I need a new clutch but my clutch seemed fine to me
I am so done with all these people telling me to replace all these parts but my car is still not fixed please can u help me
I have a fixed income and I am a single Grandma
Car has noises that sound like the car will turn off at random times but is becoming more frequent. New battery and oils.
Hi! This is just another question, but important to me. My engine light is on. It went off for a short time (about an hour), then came back on and stayed on. My engine runs great! (187955 miles. Oil clean,plugs new,doesn't overheat, easy starting, power excellent, elect. connections excellent, fluid levels great). What causes this to occur on a regular most often basis for no apparent reason or symptom? THANKS for any advice. I really like this Toy! Bought it about 5 months ago.
Engine light blinked 15 and 29 times when driving it.
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