1994 Toyota Tercel Questions

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Getting low gas mileage still engine runs fine

It always for the past 23 yrs ran cool with the heat indicator needle near C. Never over heated until last week. With new thermostat, engine heat indicator needle runs consistently just below 1/2 way. This is quite a bit warmer than usual. Is it normal for a new thermostat to be this much different and will it damage my engine for my car to be so hot under the hood?

Apparently I had a shop put a new front end and the mechanic mentioned he didn't have time to grease the seals I need to know how to do this

When I bought the car it had a miss, after replacing plugs wires cap and button. After 50-75 miles it starts missing again so from left to right I pulled the plug wires and the 4th didn't seem to make much difference, so I pulled the plug and it was very wet. now after replacing the plug and pouring 5-6 ounces of marvel mystery oil through the vacuum line the miss is not nearly as bad j

How do i get the bolt to stop leaking

Just recently purchased a 94 Tercel,and it has a air bag light on. How can i get it to go off? Also is there an A/C in this car, if so do i need to get it recharged When it doesn't get cold?

Obd reader not available

it started hesitating when taking off and i think it's getting worse. A lot of codes started flashing on the check engine light. I didn't get them all one time it was 95 another time was 112. i might need to clean out the throttle body

when accelerating engine is jerky and when you push gas pedal or let off of it the car jerks like it looses fuel

car stalled. sounds like it wants to start but wont turn all the way over. have gas, compression but no spark. can it be the distributor and how would i check? real real real tight on money and really need my car! 94 tercelwith only 88k my car...need it back...please help

i replaced every thing new after replacing cylinder head. now it leaks water from intake. and i cant figure out why? if all gaskeys r new.

i replaced every thing new after replacing cylinder head. now it leaks water from intake. and i cant figure out why? if all gaskeys r new.

Just changes my head gasket and need to check valve clearance.

My mechanic stated that should I decide to replace the valve stems that it may or may not take care of the smoking problem because of the age of the car. What is your opinion?