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I change the spark cable Spark the Emission hat I'm thinking of elected Electrical
Toyota Tercel 1993 stick shift 1500 series 180,000 + miles. mostly everything is manual just got a new head has an oil leakand burns oilThe oil leak is coming from underneath the timing belt area. and I've been told that it needs a seal but the maintenance to get to that would be the spendy part. Runs fairly good besides the throttle issue/high idle smokey when warming up every day. Goes through oil quick. Any Advice Would be very appreciated
The ignition switch is worn. Could that be related?
how much would it cost to retrofit ac system so I can use R134A
1993 toyota tercel, does it have an EGR system if so how do i find it?
1993 tercel dx automatic. checked timing belt looked good, have replaced fuil filter and pump still bogs out and dies when i put it in gear.

I put a new fuel pump new plugs and wires a new gasket a new head a new fuel filter new oil filter and my car still cut of after the engine has warm up even when its in park but act like it want crank back up. I took it to a shop ran test on it and they said its nothing wrong but my car still stallen. So can anyone help me. It happens everyday so I just keep trying to see whatg is gonna do but the same o thing stallen after then has warm up

engine 3ee 4 cyl 1.5l
im trying to put front seats from a 12994 tercel into a 1993
The standard size wheel is 13 x 4 1/2, 4 lug, 100mm Bolt Pattern. I have had sites recommend diameters as large as 18"; but I am concerned about the fender clearance. Does anyone know how large, both in diameter and width, I can go safely and without complications? I know about offset and will avoid that.
need to replace thermostat. where do i find it on the engine and how to replace
My 1993 Toyota Tercel does not start when key is turned. New battery, all fuses checked and fine. When the doors get opened, hazard lights start blinking for 15 blinks, then pause, then 15 blinks. This continues until doors are closed. A friend discovered a green Toyota starter relay under the dash directly underneath the glove compartment that you can feel clicking when you touch it when the 15 beats of hazard lights goes on.
Any ideas if this may be my problem? Maybe just replacing the starter relay? What does the doors being opened have to do with initiating this blinking?
i tested the bulb and that works. what process of elimination can i use to fix this problem.
Bach 2 cylinders have no compression.Car was running just fine.Started to die at idle.Wont start while hot.
my 93 tercel is blowing hot air took it to the garage , they recharged it but it's still blowing hot , the mechanic said it was the compressor, but the ac light on dash dose not light up when push to on, i think he's ripping me off can anybody help, thanks, rick
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