1992 Toyota Tercel Questions

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rebuilt engine guts all new rings bearings ect. .. will fire and possibly start it has at least once a day. seems if it doesnt start when cold ,,the more you try the less firing you get.can spin motor for a minute no fire charge battery come back hour later turn over fires great then gradually will cease firing. come back same thing may start. it has 1nce a day sinsce being rebuilt.. HELP PLEASE
changed fuel injectors and number 1 cyclinder is not firing running rough could injector be bad
if I drive it for 30 to 45 minutes the check engine light comes on if im drivin 55 it slowes down to 30 and when you mash the peddle to the floor it falls on its nose but at half throttle it feels as if it runs fine but still won't get over 30 mph when you completely let off the gas peddle it runs rough and when you give it gas from a stop it will almost die then it picks up and if you cut the car off for 20 minutes the engine light will be off and the car runs fine until the light comes back on and if you cross out the TE1 and E1 it won't read any codes. Its a 4 speed manual and a 3E 1.5
mostly interested in toe in measurments + or - what measurment?
clutch did not slip or any thing pryor to this.
already had heads tested
Now the cooling period well, but empty as you get more per month, which may be the problem?
does anyone know of someone or a bussiness that will come out to my house near 19th ave/norther phx az to tell me whats wrong with my truck? rather not tow it anywhere. need repair work done at my house if possible. thanks
i just purchased this toyota tercel need to replace the idle air control have no clue were part is located on the vehicle
No compression on the #2 cylinder, checked that the piston is rising and the valves are seatting. What could be the problem?
lost compression on all four cylinders ...timing is on was running great then poof nothing...yes the belt is still on and not i said the timing is on the cam is not worn or broken..this has me confused....never seen a car lose all four @ once and it not be the timing belt nor cam
lost compression on all four cylinders ...timing is on was running great then poof nothing..Yes the belt is on and not broken that's what has me confused and the cam is not broken...
lost compression on all four cylinders ...timing is on was running great then poof nothing...
I went to drive my car yesterday then all of a sudden I heard a noise coming from the passenger front tire. Steering wheel was jerk to the right and everytime I stopped I would here a big "knock" after I would break. I got out to inspect it and I was able to move the whole wheel assembly left and right like as if it was loose. HELP PLEASE
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