1991 Toyota Tercel Questions

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It is a Tercel with a manual trans. Why wont it start when it gets cold out?
The new cv joint had a 32 mm nut the old one has a 30 mm
he repalced it it went together fine. Now when he drives there is a low grinding sound. Its not the brakes, could the new shaft be rubbing against something,
do I try used igniter next?
Appears very little space in removal of crankshaft, can this be done with moter in/out of car, or is their a an alternative metnod. Thanks for all info.
the started was bad so i replace it.. but the motor wont turn over, it wont make a sound,the lights and everything turns on.but when i turn the key it wont do nothing. i dont no what else to do
My car squeals on start-up, only for a few seconds, and will stop almost immeadietly if i put it into reverse or neutral. Will also only squeal if it hasnt already been started up within about 4 hours or so. sounds like a belt but i replaced both belts this year already. Any help you have for me is appreciated, thanks
why is my check engine light on? i just put in a stop leak sealant because there was an oil leak and now my check engine light is on.
i just bought the car. it hasn't been cranked since i bought it. when you cut switch on you can't hear fuel pump running. how can you test the fuel pump relay and where is it located
Battery was put in backwards, there was a spark. The battery was then put in correctly, car won't start.
Where under the car is the drain olug for the enigine oil. I noticed my car just started leaking a heavy amount of oil in a steady stream, and I want to check the plug to see if maybe it has came loose.
car shut down when in reverse
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