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My radio for past two to three years has been periodically turning it's self off, but now it's even started to turn channels by it's self. It will change to different station then sometimes go back to original station or to a different one or I will need to change it back. I thought maybe it was due to over heating as at times my radio gets very hot when vehicle running so long but it happened when I had just started vehicle for the day.
AC turns on five seconds later green lite flashes and air turns off
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothtning
How long have you had this problem? one week
I am doing research before purchasing a 2010 4 cylinder manual Toyota Tacoma and I want to know the mileage at which the timing belt should be replaced.
My Toyota dealer service said my 2010 Tacoma 4wd with only 54000 very gently used miles has a leak in the power steering gear that will cost approx. $1400 to replace. I have never seen any spot on my garage floor and have had the truck serviced every 5000 miles. Isn't that a bit unusual for that to happen, and is that a reasonable cost for that repair ?
It happens quite often.
is the keeper ring right or left hand threds
Fuel system error causes check engine light to come on. What is the source of the evap problem?
is the hub sold as an assembly?
hesitates before finding another gear
I can reach it from under the truck, in the fender well, but can not loosen or remove it
Available hitch balls are not long enough to bolt thruogh the bumper.
does a 2010 tacoma have solid motor mounts are hydro filled mounts
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