2009 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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on my 2009 tacoma when trying to go from 2h to 4h green light for in 4wd keeps blinking
This is heard every time I first start out and at maybe 10 mph.
I recently hit a curb pretty badly with my back right tire. I was wondering if the 2009 Tacoma PreRunner is front wheel alignment or all wheel so I can take it if needed.
A cruise control was installed recently. Not sure if it happened at the same time, I noticed it shortly after.
Dealer states leak at condensor to compressor one of the lines repair 635.00 is this right?
Once in a while I get a smell coming from the air-conditioning vents. It almost smells like a wax smell. What could be?
How can I get better gas mileage. I'm a fairly slow driver and rarely ever go over 55 miles an hour. Most of the time I travel between 40 and 55. I only get about 18 miles a gallon. Is or anything I can do to get better mileage?
I get about 18 miles to the gallon. I'm a slow driver always within the speed limit. never going over 55mph. Most of the time I'm doing between 40-55 mph
What coudl be the problem
i did the oil change by my self and i try to turn it off but its still there...
The steering wheel will not lock-it's really hard to get the truck to start. Sounds like the battery but I had that checked first. It's getting so that the steering wheel has to be turned progressively further and harder. Is this an expensive repair? An easy one?
Where is the dip stick to check the transmission fluid?
Bought a new drivers side block for a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. Need the diagram on how the wiring from the harness.
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