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Is there a fuse or wire that I can check, to make the alarm honk, like it should? The alarm has never worked, since I have had the truck. I read the owners manual, but can't find the answer.
I can either back up or forward slow speeds a defiant clunking sound at times worse than others and you can almost feel it in the steering.
Fluid does not spray below 40 degrees. I'm using fluid that has a -27 degree rating. I checked the pum, hoses and nozzels and everything is in working order. Could this be a fuse issue as I've seen with other vehicles (7.5amp vs. 10amp)?
fuel intake has been cleaned out no rough idling noted tire pressure is correct everthing is tight with no rattles to the front
I had the vehicle in for oil change was given a free a/c evaluation. I was informed that everything looks fine and it could be the blend door actuator. Is there more then one actuator that controls the level of heat/cold in the vehicle. I know there is one in the glove compartment but was told that the one that is the issue is in the dash panel. I did not have much luck finding diagrams of the part. Any one know if the glove compartment actuator is the one responsible for level of heat/cold or is there another one ?
I got a quote to replace em. $1300. Next place (2nd opinion) says: "well, they are over $1000 each and there are 4 of them." What's going on? Do all 4 have to be replaced at once? I have 150,000k on my truck- Toyota says Cat Conv shouldn't be going out already....
Pressure soloniods b and d are not working properly. According to diagnostic
replaced maf sensor o2 sensor cats wire harness to maf spark plugs computer what else can it be?
3 mos. after buying it new, manifold cracked. Dealer replaced it. broke again before she got out of the lot. dealer fixed it again. less than 1/2 mile out of the lot, again it broke. and again...and again. this is not an annoying tick, this is blop!blop!blop!..i mean broken! out of frustration she put stainless headers. $900 plus labor! every 8 to 12 mos. the left header breaks at the collector. there have been/are many other problems. There are many design flaws. I could bore someone for hours! Anyway, She finally asked me for help. I think Toyota should buy her a new GMC. Or at least fix the cats to the power-train so they don't flop around and break the manifolds/headers. Those cats are heavy. she replaced them 1 yr. ago It seems to me they should be hooked to the trans. I can't seem to find any kind of layout/exploded view or even a parts list of exhaust components for it. The shop that hung the pipes last time...well I am surprised it lasted as long as it did. I'm sorry for being so long winded, thank you for your time. she can't afford to get a new truck now. so we'll try to get a couple more years out of this bucket without her taking up a second mortgage
I am currently replacing the motor in my sons 2006 tacoma 4.0l and when he took the core back, he did not get all the fitting for the cooling lines that hook up to the thermostat housing. I need to know where the two small cooling lines hook up on the back side of the assembly. I know one goes to the head on the left side, but what kind of fitting is that and where might i find one and the second one is on the right side of the housing on the front and it has a 90 degree turn , Both hose are the small 1/4" hoses. Any help would be appreciated. If needed I will get some pics tonight

Found out its the no. 1 and no. 2 water bypass hose.
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