2004 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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New spark plug wires, installed but did not get numbered

Miss fire # 6 cyclder

There was a smell of burning electrical, so I turned off the fan and ac. Next time I started the truck up, there was no fan on any settings. The ac light still came on, but no cooling took place. Prior to this there were no symptoms. The blower resistor looks like it may have been hot. There is discoloration on the bare copper parts, but the terminals look perfectly fine.

high mileage

Of additional note, it was extremely cold today. I turned my heat off & defrost etc... off to see if it was a belt related to that, but it did not remedy the issue. In fact the noise occurs when accelerating & letting off gas.
Not sure if this could be catalytic converter that needs replaced altogether or possibly the heat shield being tightened down.
I would appreciate any suggestions a constructive ideas for me to work with on this. I struggle financily, so I trust you can understand my concern to narrow down as close as I can before allowing auto repair to get in my pockets. I appreciate it greatly!

I replaced the clutch,pressure plate and throw out bearing we bled the clutch cylinder . I feel the clutch pad real low

Driver door will not open. The lock doesn't work on my driver side. All other 3 doors and locks work but driver door

150k, what all maintenance/repairs neded? Timing belt, upper belts and hoses, etc.....

I thought it might be a bad tire bought new tires had them put on rims. Truck shook at 65, so thought I had bent rim , got another rim. Still shook. Now tire guy showed me you can grab brake disk on sides and wiggle it like crazy. So he tells me it's rack pinion , however my steering is tight, no leaks. No noises kulnks. So I am wondering if it is my tie rods, inner?

We apply the brake then try to shift it into drive and it doesn't go. Interestingly enough, the brake lights are not on. It's like the truck is not recognizing the brakes.

Happens MOST of the time when initially pressing the accelerator. Even happens occasionally while the Cruise Control is being used. And at ANY speed!