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Recent evidence of radiator spewage in engine compartment. Radiator was about 2 liters low when checked. Refilled and checked the next day after noticing puddles on both sides of the engine upon leaving work. Would the radiator leak on both sides of the engine, or should I be looking for a different problem?
Took off glovebox, can't see loose nuts or screws. Don't want use screws, but will if it's the only option.
Every time I drive it
i drive my truck for 15 to 30 mins anywhere ,if i turn it off it will not start again till engine is completely cooled down,this is an every day thing
Headers added 600 miles ago
headlites on no turn signals ,off turn signals brake lite out & one parking lite out
It's twice what you guys say is the average. We do like and trust our mechanic. Is there any good reason it would cost so much more? Thanks heaps!
there is a lot of white smoke and a very strong smell of fuel at the fuel consumption has also gone high...
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