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I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma 6 cyl 3.4 liter. catalyst converter replaced 2 months ago, engine light back on, replaced oxygen sensor, 50 miles later engine light back on; code scanned indicates oxygen sensor. What would cause this recurrent issue.
I have a 2003 3.4 L, 4-Door, Pre-runner tacoma. The rear passenger door will not open from the inside when I pull the handle. I have tried to fix it but I think I need a new door latch/actuator. I have found a salvage yard that has a 2-door 1999 tacoma,will the door latch/actuator from the 1999 tacoma fit on my truck? If not, do you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thank you
I have a Cobra 75 WX ST and am wanting to mount the mic/speaker onto a black "block" to the left of my two center A/C vents. From what I've seen in other Toyota vehicles, there in normally a key that controls the airbags placed here. However, for the 2003 Double Cab Tacomas, there is not one there. This looks to be the perfect placement for my mic, however I noticed I was having a difficult time trying to put the screws in, I'm assuming because the plastic is thicker there. Not to say it wasn't do-able. I just became afraid that I may damage something behind it. But since there is no airbag key there, is it safe to put screws in it? My other alternative is to put it on the other side of the wheel (I bought a kit for a jeep that had the mount, and it also came with a metal frame to attach between the door and the side of the dashboard), but that would still include putting a couple of screws in, and I know there are wires from the fuse box tucked back there.
Recent evidence of radiator spewage in engine compartment. Radiator was about 2 liters low when checked. Refilled and checked the next day after noticing puddles on both sides of the engine upon leaving work. Would the radiator leak on both sides of the engine, or should I be looking for a different problem?
Took off glovebox, can't see loose nuts or screws. Don't want use screws, but will if it's the only option.
Every time I drive it
i drive my truck for 15 to 30 mins anywhere ,if i turn it off it will not start again till engine is completely cooled down,this is an every day thing
Headers added 600 miles ago
headlites on no turn signals ,off turn signals brake lite out & one parking lite out
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