2002 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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The truck has loss of power when you kick it in to passing gear, the oxygen sensors also need replaced or could it be the catalytic converters could be plugged
im looking to replace my ignition igniter for my 2002 toyota tacoma. I can not find anything on the internet for this part. or the location of it?
The shop wants to charge $600 for a new one.

my engine misses once in awhile, I have had all 4 coils replaced and it still does it.
rough running engine blue smoke overheat shut off oil and water under carriage
I have disconnected the neg and pos cables and tied them together for 30 minutes . Didn't solve the problem.
It just started making the noise and it's only when I start up my vehicle and I go through the gears from park reverse neutral And then drive whenever it shifts into drive it makes a a bell type noise or A clunking noise but only once
It happens all the time now.wonT run only 5 seconds ,code p1300.ignitor cercuit
I want to add info to (view car notes) the info will not save. why??
Could there be something else in the steering causing the problem
Just replaced the steering rack bushing do you replace the entire box or could it be something else
how long should a computer last? I have 13 year old truck with 112000 miles on it.
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