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On November 23, 2012, Toyota recalled 150,000 Toyota Tacoma. Toyota is recalling certain model year 2001 through 2004 tacoma light trucks manufactured from august 28, 2000, through august 27, 2004, and originally sold, or currently registered, in the following cold climate states with high road salt usage: connecticut, delaware, illinois, indiana, kentucky, maine, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, minnesota, new hampshire, new jersey, new york, ohio, pennsylvania, rhode island, vermont, virginia, west virginia, wisconsin, and the district of columbia. the spare tire in the subject vehicles is located underneath the rear of the vehicle and held by a spare tire carrier. a lift plate on the carrier is used to help raise, lower and retain the tire. during its manufacture, the lift plate may not have been sufficiently coated with anti-corrosion materials. if the plate is insufficiently coated and the vehicle is operated in cold climate regions where road salts are frequently used, road spray can reach the carrier assembly and corrode the lift plate.
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2001 Toyota Tacoma Recall Details

RepairPal Expert Overview on November 23, 2012

The metal plate that helps secure the spare tire may rust excessively and break. As a result, the spare tire could come loose while driving, creating a road hazard.

Toyota has not yet developed a remedy for this recall, owners of affected vehicles will be notified when a remedy is in place. If you notice the spare tire is not secure, or you don't receive notification and you feel you should have, please contact your dealer. It’s helpful to have your vehicle identification number (VIN) handy when you call.

RepairPal Expert Overview on July 5, 2005
On certain sport utility vehicles, due to a manufacturing issue in the front suspension lower ball joint, there is a possibility that the surface of the ball of the joint may have been scratched. the ball joint may eventually experience excessive wear and looseness, resulting in increased steering effort.
Summary on June 3, 2003
On certain pickup trucks, during side impact ncap test (i.e. lincap test), a flange at the rear end of the double cab body deformed and interfered with the fuel inlet hose that connects the fuel filler pipe and fuel tank, resulting in damage to the fuel inlet hose.
RepairPal Expert Overview on June 7, 2001

Two wheel drive vehicles with a white letter tire upgrade option may experience tire failure from improper installation.

Toyota notified owners of affected vehicles starting in July 2001. You can check with your dealer to see if your vehicle is involved in this program. It is helpful to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand when you contact them.

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