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I have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner and seem to be having some issues with the center radio console and buttons. I'm not sure when it actually occurred but as I don't drive it often, but the radio console and the lighting for part of the thermal controls are dead. I have checked all the fuses and they seem to be in good condition.

The A/C switches still work but have no backlighting on some of the switches. and the radio is completed dead. I did not notice any damaged fuses while checking and am not aware of there is one behind the radio.

Please advise if there is something else I am missing.

thank you.
When I mash the brakes it is hard to push it down
Pretty much daily,also my dash panel lights crapped out on me and before that my exterior brake lights on the cab were giving me problems..bad electrical?...
Replaced EGR, all vacuum hoses, fuel filter, cleaned Oxygen sensors, Cleaned MAS ... the problem went away for about 1 month after cleaning O2 sensors ... now it is back.
When cold, the vehicle has no power and hesitates to the point where the engine almost dies. After warming up, driving improves ... but still does not have the usual get up and go, in addition to degradation in MPG. I am puzzled, can anyone shed some light on this? Much appreciated.
Replaced EGR, VSV, Cleaned Oxygen sensors, MAS, replaced Vacuum hoses ... still get code P0402
we have purchased a new expansion valve block and are trying to locate it on the vehicle
Installed external temp guage and connected to excessing senser and the readout goes to 240 deg. Checked coolant temp in Radiator and it reads 185 deg. So it's not running hot.
My truck has 160,000 mi. I.want to be for.sure noyhing goes wrong on.this long trip bymyself,therefore with wat.areas to.service for.a major tuneup.yhank you
Another shop put in new actuators and a used ECM before came to us. Can engage 4th with scanner. Reading data you can see all other gears working. Stuck on these speed signals. VSS never goes more than 22mph, Speedo is right on dash and at ECU.New VSS sensor.
whats the problem. andwhere is part located?
My air condition works, but no heat. Every time I start the truck It makes a buzzing sound for a little while. I think the part I need is under the glove compartment, because one time I taped on it and heater started working until I shut motor off, Then back to same problem no heat. I would like to know name of part I need so I can buy it on line. Other then that the truck is in very top shape and running good. Thanks!
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