1999 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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What is the advantage of doing the following jobs at the same time? (I ask for obvious reason of expense)

One Ball Joint (upper and lower)
Two Tie Rods (both leaking)
Rack and Pinion
Full Struts

Please confirm whether or not the following two statements are true:

(1) An Alignment must be done after each project, if not done all at once.

(2) Not doing all the above as one project could result in damage of the newly-replaced item.

Can one simply patch up oil leaks if around the Tie Rods? If so, what is that called?

Thank you
Idles fine and accelerates fine. Just periodically cuts out.
The brake pedal is very stiff. When I press it nothing happens until I stand on it then it will grab all at once. Now the steering wheel and ignition are locked. Any help please?
I just bought a 1999 Tacoma with 183K miles. Within 200 miles, the coils failed. I now learn this has happened three time before. Why the repeated coil failures? Thanks
There is no other issues with the engine.
My check engine light has been on for a while. Just last week I replaced the 3 coils, sparplugs and wires and also the air filter. I plugged in the code reader and it did not have any codes, but when I tried to remove the check engine light the code reader said it "failed." Any help will be greatly appreciated
I have a 1991 Toyota with a 3.4 swapped from a 99 Tacoma and I am getting no spark everything I hooked up truck turns over fine but not getting any spark kinda stumped on what it coul be any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated
When I put coolant in the radiator, the check engine light went out, could there be another problem I should have checked?
after shutting off the truck i could smell gas lingering in the closed garage
I just purchased my 1999 Toyota Tacoma and I cannot get it to start. It acts like it is out of fuel. Everytime I open the drivers door the alarm goes off and I use the key fob to silence the alarm but still cannot get the truck to start. I would really like to disable the alarm for ever but I can't see to figure out how to do that and no matter what I do I cannot get the truck to start.
The key can't be removed only when the Negative battery is disconnected I replace the following - LC63640 key ignition switch & LS765 Ignition Starter Switch & 4 year Battery- FAILD key still can't be removed- The floor shifter feels it's not locking into park- Today only it want start only turning over but it try to start once, had it towed Home I was about to have it put into the shop
error code is intermittent, not sure on repair. also throwing a 1300 error code and occasionally a 325 code will show. motor has approx. 65,000 miles. new egr when motor was replaced.
I was backing up and bumped the shifter with my knee knocking it out of 4wd and the light hasn't worked since and it won't engage. Sensor??? Vacumn??? Fuse??? Please help!!!! I took the front hubs off and cleaned and greased/they looked perfect. This is the only problem I've ever had.
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