1999 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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The brake pedal is very stiff. When I press it nothing happens until I stand on it then it will grab all at once. Now the steering wheel and ignition are locked. Any help please?
I just bought a 1999 Tacoma with 183K miles. Within 200 miles, the coils failed. I now learn this has happened three time before. Why the repeated coil failures? Thanks
There is no other issues with the engine.
My check engine light has been on for a while. Just last week I replaced the 3 coils, sparplugs and wires and also the air filter. I plugged in the code reader and it did not have any codes, but when I tried to remove the check engine light the code reader said it "failed." Any help will be greatly appreciated
I have a 1991 Toyota with a 3.4 swapped from a 99 Tacoma and I am getting no spark everything I hooked up truck turns over fine but not getting any spark kinda stumped on what it coul be any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated
When I put coolant in the radiator, the check engine light went out, could there be another problem I should have checked?
after shutting off the truck i could smell gas lingering in the closed garage
I just purchased my 1999 Toyota Tacoma and I cannot get it to start. It acts like it is out of fuel. Everytime I open the drivers door the alarm goes off and I use the key fob to silence the alarm but still cannot get the truck to start. I would really like to disable the alarm for ever but I can't see to figure out how to do that and no matter what I do I cannot get the truck to start.
The key can't be removed only when the Negative battery is disconnected I replace the following - LC63640 key ignition switch & LS765 Ignition Starter Switch & 4 year Battery- FAILD key still can't be removed- The floor shifter feels it's not locking into park- Today only it want start only turning over but it try to start once, had it towed Home I was about to have it put into the shop
error code is intermittent, not sure on repair. also throwing a 1300 error code and occasionally a 325 code will show. motor has approx. 65,000 miles. new egr when motor was replaced.
I was backing up and bumped the shifter with my knee knocking it out of 4wd and the light hasn't worked since and it won't engage. Sensor??? Vacumn??? Fuse??? Please help!!!! I took the front hubs off and cleaned and greased/they looked perfect. This is the only problem I've ever had.
Wiper blades run continueously ?
Cannot turn off!
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