1998 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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i cant find the EGR vacuum solenoid on my vehicle . truck has a cold air intake that was put on from K&N did this replace the the vacuum solenoid ???
I just bought the car and seller said a friend could do it for $300
The column I installed was out of another tacoma. Would the security system have me locked out?
check engine light came on while drivng errands around town. pulled over, checked all fluids & belts.everything OK. drove home truck ran fine no apparent problems. I guess I need to get obd diagnostic reading 1st. Never had this happen before. hope it doesn't cost much
When you push the clutch in. How far is the rod on the slave cylinder suppose to go. Getting about 1 inch.
I cannot find an error code 55 that has anything to do with the ABS actuator only the sensors show error code 55 how do I know I'm being told the truth. They want$1370 just for the actuator that doesn't include labor. Need help fast
The further I drive,front psgr. side starts increasingly vibrating. Recently had new calipers installed. Could it be worn rotors causing this? If I park for 20 min. its fine until it warms up again.
Hose knocked loose during removal of starter. It appears to plug in to center hole of a rectangular rubber piece that fits in a hole in the truck frame. Correct?
Have already replace rack & pin. and power steering pump
I want to know if I can take out my alternator that's in my 2001 toyota rav4 and put it in my 1989 toyota Tacoma pick up truck please let me know would greatly appreciate the information
I definitely killed the clutch in my boyfriend's truck not driving manual shift well on the hills of San Francisco. I haven't driven stick in 15 years and never on hills like these. I've smoked it several times. Could my poor driving skills have killed the engine too. It still drives it just jumps up to 5RPM. 2 months ago the mechanic told him 2 cylinders were out. he had about a year. I have probably smoked the clutch 5-7 times since then.
Squeaking when started, stops after being put in gear and moved.
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