1997 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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I've got a no start problem on my 97 tacoma.
Would a 60 Amp abs fuse stop the truck from starting?
It's got spark and fuel goes at least to the engine. Don't know if it's going into fuel
The starter relay/fuse has been replaced along with fuel filter,fuel pump, pugs,wires, coils, water pump, radiator, thermostat, timing chain, cleaned egr , ( scanner showed a P0401 code)

All fuses have been checked.
Noticed the ABS fuse is missing. Don't know
If that would contribute to the no start.
Must go to high speed to get it to shift 3rd, must keep light on gas pedal to keep it in, slips in 3rd, no O/D at all
Cruise Control surges
Running hot,engine light on.
Toyota says it was a campaign not recall
no power at ac or blower switch,when you turn starter switch on.
I installing now timing chain
after about 30 minutes of cranking on it and sometimes it'll start cranking and going dead and then other times it'll spit and sputter and hat and then once it seems to get a little warmer all the sudden it cranks up and runs perfect and it's running perfect the rest of the day
Changed slave and master cylinder, held for a couple weeks and went back to floor, any idea on what this could indicate as a problem?
Lifter is making a loud ticking noise the radiator has a hole in it I fixed it cause the motor to get hot and now it's ticking I put Lucas Oil Treatment in there when I got the oil changed it did not fix the problem therefore it's a lifter
Was starting fine replaced battery and started fine twice and then wouldn't start and a high pitched whining sound is coming from the starter
I have replaced the fuel pump, EFI relay, and the coolant temperature sensor. I have also checked every fuse in the truck.
just put in OEM coolant &thermostat just before passing smog, I ended up taking out the T'stat completely but still running hot up to the red mark, the OBD tester is all OK result. no coolant leaks or wter pump leakand it doesnt eats or evaporate coolant, i am a moderate DIY selfer. cant think of anything else but maybe my water pump blade is gone, i have 237K miles on it bought with 195K 2 yrs ago. thanks
Truck will do great most of the time and sometimes i shut it off and it want start back I have to keep trying and trying or sometimes pushing it off works but now truck is just running bad back firing threw the brether ive put new fuel pump and filter in it hoping that was the problem but still no luck please help me on this its my daughter truck and she ready to drive agin
no leaks, no coolant in oil
I started the engine and heard a unusual click noise and I quickly turned off the ignition key,but when the key off position the starter still running or cranking the motor, so I quickly disconnect the battery to kill the starter while the key is off. I appreciate for your advice to look for and repair this problem. Thanks
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