1996 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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pulled my truck into the garage, installed a new stereo, messed with the stereo with the car off and now it wont start, the battery is charged and everything works but the engine wont start
My 96 Toyota Tacoma got hot, then I heard a pressure relieving/hissing sound ,then it acted like the thermostat opened up and temp. went back to normal. Then as I ascended a slight grade the engine lost power and died. after I came to a stop the engine was smoking all around the intake manifold and smelled like burnt oil. Is this a badly blown head gasket or a detonated motor?
2.4 cylinder engine. Engine has been using water for a while.
deposits on contacts had to be scraped off
Problem starts after the a c is been on for about 20 minutes
What if I don't replace sensor? What should I do about engine light? Truck has 344,000 miles on it.
Total list of diagnostic codes
The differential started making noise (a whining) about a week ago. Took it in an was told a rear gear is going out. They want $1100 to fix. Hmmm...does this sound right?
May have to have brakes replaced.
When truck is in gear and I let off the gas it pops out of gear into neutral. Happening more and more frquently and especially 3rd. gear.
truck is clicking when i try to turn over,i replaced the starter and still wont start what else could be wrong
1996 Tacoma 250,000 mi.
Rough Idle- P0303 Cyl 3 miss fire.

Adjusted valves- #3 was a zero lash- brought to spec.
Cleared codes- Good drivibility several hundred miles, now P0303 is back along w/ Cat eff. below threshold.

Vehicle runs ok in open loop, but when sensors come on line data is such:

AFR- 20:1 at idle
+ 19% long term FT
O2/1 .34-.55V
O2/2 .34-.55
Injector resistance measured out at 15.4 Ohms- spec is 14.2 max- Cyl 1 inj. measured out at 15.2.

AFR is very lean, ECU is Calling for lots of fuel. Maybe fuel press is low?

My 96 Tacoma has no brake lights. I have checked the fuse, replaced the brake light switch and still nothing. I get power to the pig tail for the camper shell that was once there, but that it. I need help.
Lately when I start my truck the airbag warning lignt will not go out . If I stop the engine and restart it the light goes out most of the time. Sometimes it will be on dim and kind of flicker and either go out of come on full and stay on until I restart the engine. A couple of times I have had to restart the engine a couple times to get it to go out. I have an OBD II reader if that will do anything. Any help would be appreciated.
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