1996 Toyota Tacoma Questions

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My 96 Tacoma automatic will only move if the transfer case is in low range and when you put it in high range it won’t move.
My Toyota Tacoma acts like it will want to stall or actually stall when the lights are either on, the blower AC/Heater motor or put a turn signal on when lights on it acts like it wants to stall. I just replaced a Heater/AC relay switch could the new one be bad. The altenator and battery have been tested under load and seems to be working fine. I cant figure out the issue. Actually sometimes it works fine, but other times this same issue starts up again and the truck stalls totally or shrugs and acts like it will stall.
It looks like a small, black, vacuum or ventilation hose.
The clutch engages only with little pedal, pushed all the way in.
please enceel my questions
No start have gas bat no spark wat have too do
No start gas ok
Can the clutch be adjusted?
I have replaced the key cylinder here's the strange part if I disconnect battery the switch works perfect What is causing the ignition switch to malfunction when i reconnect battery I'm stumped
ive changed distributer cap, plug wires, plugs, fuel injectors, fuel pump, filter, and checked compression
New battery cables. Interior light and dash lights gets dim when I press in the clutch peddle.
It is cold air..
Some times the belt gets stuck and it smells like burning rubber. Is it the clutch or the Compressor?
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