1997 Toyota T100 Questions

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Check engine light comes on when after running vehicle with air conditioning on shows a cylinder 5 misfire truck runs rough and losses some power if I run truck without air conditioning light goes off and truck runs great
Will start but only runs a short while, then it doesn't want to restart. It runs then shuts down as if you turned off the engine
1997 toyota t100 3.4.motor swap. Same motor different transmissions. Automatic has a flex plate with two spacers. Manual transmission which is what I have has a flywheel. Do I need to install the two spacers with the flywheel?
when the low beam is on if I tilt the steering wheel up the low beams shut off and high beams come on.
I have been told there are 4 switches related to this issue (3 on transfer case and one on front differential), as well as a vacuum line. Should I replace all? Where can I get these parts? I need the OEM part numbers. Can I get those from Toyota?
I see it; but they do not make that part anymore? If I clear the error code it comes back on in 80-100 miles. Code P0450. It's the only code that comes up.

got new sparkplugs and brain also
So when my ac is working it can be stop by braking, going up or downhill or small bumps and this sound of a switch in the dashboard will go off thus the ac stops working and blow warm air only. it works when it does with cold air then as you drive the car with the above description that happen it stops working! what is wrong!
Truck loses power upon acceleration in 3rd, 4th, 5th gear, engine cuts out/sputters, etc. Behavior is consistent. Have replaced TPS, cleaned air cleaner, new plugs, replaced fuel filter. Added a supercharger 15 years ago.
replace fuel pump and filter, cat.,o2 sensor 2, air filter,spark plugs,ign. wires ,all 3 coils, TPS sensor, coolant temp. sensor, air filter this 3.4l has no EGR system .
I took the truck to a transmission shop, they replaced all shift solenoids, transmission temp. sensor , serviced transmission.
transmission shifts fine through all gears but never locks up for over drive, transmission tech said it could be a wiring issue
Problem occurs first thing in the morning when cold and intermittently when on the road. RPMs fluctuate between 2400 & 2700 when in overdrive at highway speeds.
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