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No power at all. Dead had the battery checked it's good. No power at starter. Jumped the starter straight from the battery and it started. Truck runs good, but as soon as I turn on the headlights or press the brake it dies. During the time the truck runs all dash gauges work proper. No warning gauges are on.
Blinker signals work, but no other lights nor gauge work. Ac\heater doesnt even turn air flow through vents. I replaced a 30amp fuse, assuming it was the problem. No luck. Suggestions? Answers?
this site sucks
My son has replaced the injectors,plugs, and wires.
cable broken need to remove and replace
Relaced plugs,distributor cap,rotor and ignition coil. Ran for a week and died during a big rain storm. What could the problem be?
Here it is. My son has this truck, 1994 Toyota T100. To put it short the clutch was about to bite the dust. It would not hold on a slight incline and power loss.

So we installed a new clutch assembly. The friction disk was about to the top of the rivets.

Flywheel machined
New pilot bearing
New pressure plate
New clutch disk

All cleaned with brake cleaner and blown dry with compressed air.

Back together and it started, but would not hit a gear and only ground trying reverse.

Shut engine off, it goes through the gears.

The slave cylinder moves the throw out bearing arm about 5/8 an inch or so.

Does anyone have any idea what the heck is going on?

Also now the engine will not even turn over. The dash lights come on, the head lights and what nots, but the starter a no go and it is only about 3 months old. Did we miss something here?
we have changed everthing in it and it is still running hot.what else can we check.can the timing belt have something to do with it still running hot
we have changed everything in the truck but it is still running hot what do u recommend us to check.could the timing belt have something to do with it still running hot
I am trying to hook up a wiring harness to my truck, but I'm not sure which wires go to which lights. The trailer harness has a white,yellow,green,and a brown wire coming off the harness. The truck has different colored wires. Does anyone know which of the truck wires goes to the harness wires?
I need to replace the valve gaskets on my 1994 toyota t-100 V-6 Auto. It has approx 140k miles.
This past weekend my radiator blew and thermostat froze up. I had to drive approx 20 miles of stop n go to an area for tow. Replaced the radiator and thermostat and oil. The temp gauge not working but that can wait. The engine is Not putting out water in exhaust nor in oil. Added Lucas. The valve gaskets on both sides are putting out oil. I have a fire ext'r now. It will run with knocking at start up then as it warms up & sounds ok. It doesn't like interstate speeds, after 15 min on Hwy tried to idle off at exit ramp, lil gas & keep it going. a good bit of shaking and lil noise but I wouldn't push past 60-65mph.
Thirty minute ride = 1 Qt oil loss.
Valve Gaskets i know are $30-$40.
Obviously a professional is required but when one is not available ,I have to do this. Do i have to replace head gasket?
Is knock sensor easy to replace?
which manual is the best? Ulitmately,
What do I need to know and where do I find it?
My grandfather is wanting to know how much torque he needs to put on the bolts. Can you help?
My truck has an automatic radio antenna motor which is broken. I would like to repair it but have no idea how much it should cost.
the passenger side inner axle has movement in the diff houseing . Is this normal
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