1993 Toyota T100 Questions

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Can you by pass the wiring and connect to the pump? Could you put a pump on the rail?
I changed the fuel pump and it's still not working what do I do
It just doesn't seem to have the power it need at all
4h won't engage and there is a knocking noise coming from the front end when I try. Truck had been sitting for awhile but otherwise seems to be running well.
what ports do you jump to get diagnostics for 93 Toyota T100
93 T100 looses power at 3000 rpm drives almost normal up to 2500 rpm then I have to feather throttle to maintain speed .
What are the steps to fix this myself. Thanks..
I had a starting issue with my 93 t100 3.0 v6 last week. Changed the fuel pump and then it started first crank every time. Ran great for a week and then yesterday it died on the freeway and would not start back up. Had it towed home, changed the fuel filter last night(thought it may have been clogged) and it still won't start. Went out first thing this morning to try to start it and it just turned over and wouldn't start. Crawled under the truck, hit the tank with a hammer, then turned the key over and it fired right up, ran good for about 30 seconds then died. Tried that process again and it will not start at all even if I hit the tank. Had someone turn the key over while I was under it and I couldn't hear the fuel pump. So I'm thinking maybe I have a faulty fuel pump or maybe a bad circut opening relay. Any input or advice would really be appreciated.
engine light stays on all the time
I love my work truck but it lacks powe when it get hot. Also the heat from the motor seems like its going inside the cab of the truck but it doesnt over heat the temp neddie does work it never goes passed the middle
I have had my 1993 toyota t100 for 6 years and just found out about the recall is there a time limit or can i still have them fix it. Or how does it work Thanks
I have been having an issue with my t100 not wanting to go into overdrive when regular driving or trying to pass into another lane. I can activate the overdrive manually at the gear shift with a press of a button but cannot activate it when pressing the gas petal to gain speed on hills and pulling my boat. Any clues on why? Thanks
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