1991 Toyota Supra Questions

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Just bought the car so no real history. 100% bone stock. The pads are newish. I went to bleed the brakes and the passenger front when I opened the bled valve pressed easy to the floor as fluid came out at a descent rate. I went to bleed the drivers side. Fluid coming out slow. Disconnected the hardline from the flex line at the wheel well and same issue. a little coming out and the pedal is hard to press. ABS module issue? Can it be cleaned? Would a professional flush maybe fix it? What is the next step?
everything is disconnected from the tranny, it should pull out but doesn't. The tranny case is loose and away fro the block. The tranny will rock/spin while hanging off the shaft. It seems as though there is something keeping it from sliding all the way out as it should. trying to install a new clutch.
the battery has ample charge, but there is no lights on the dash, headlights, the engine will not turn over. It is dead with a charged batter. Where is the problem?
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