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I have a 1989 Toyota Supra 3.0 turbo. I finally got it running half ass after 4 years. I put stock injectors back into it to see if maybe it would cut down on my fuel air ratio. It wouldn't idle very well. I put some ether to it one day and now it won't even idle. Any help?!
I've changed the ignition coil, added my fluid to the clutch. Change a battery terminal. And in a few weeks, I'm gonna clean the intake. It was working fine after all this but it continued to shut down
Just replaced the engine that was working great in another Supra of the same make and model.
My 89 supra is leak in coolant bad it took me 4 jugs of coolant to get from the south side of Indy to north west side. Its either a hose or the thermostat housing but idk its running from some where near the thermostat bottom area and has got on my belts and trailing to the bottom back side of the motor but mainly on the left side of the engine.its happened once with my first motor but I'm guessing the thermostat housing like last time.
My car is leaking radiator fluid from a hose that is connected to the back of my engine block near the head gasket and I'm unable to find the name of the part I need online
did a complete tune runs good at idle,now right at 2000 rpm's it cuts on and off,you can slow it dowm and it will rev higher but it won;t hold.why does it pulse back and forth ?
put a new rack and pinion and power steering pump on my 1987 supra and its still really hard to turn
i need to replace the airflow meter and the air filter on my 1989 toyota supra-turbo and i need to find out where i can have it done and how much ?
how much does it cost to replace the air flow meter for a 1989 toyota supra turbo? also to replace the brake hose? also to replace the 2 front strut? and the 2 in take booth?
I was driving my car down the interstate and it started overheating and shut off. What could be the problem? It had a blown head gasket which was fixed and the top part of the engine was rebuilt. However, there is a pecking noise in the top part. Can anyone help me figure out what's causing the pecking noise?
The car is an '87 non turbo automatic. you have to shift the trans manually. I changed the transmission and the problem is the same.
Actually the car is an 1987 but that was not an option that was given. Is there a mechanic that can rebuild a rear end in my 1987 Toyota Supra? Also I need a price for the job. I live in Pahrump. My cell number is 702-340-4012.
how to take out the starter cant get to one of two bolts
it occurs every day and more frequently now, i would check the coil pack which is brand new to see if it gets fire and it doesnt sometimes, was told that the control unit or module needs replacing. Just want to be sure its nothing else
I have an 89' Supra, and the only means of releasing the fuel filler door is by pulling the latch from the inside...which does not work. Is there another means of opening the door?
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