2008 Toyota Solara Questions

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water under backseat

What seems to make the problem better or worse? just started having problem
How long have you had this problem? last night
? Can I place the cars jack a little to the left or right of the jack points so I place the Jack Stands into position
1 quart every month
Toyota solara 2008. What do I need to take off I would like to clean the back of the plastic thanks
The sound system goes off about every 10-20 seconds for a second or two when I'm driving with the top up. When the top is down it has never gone out.
Can the factory tint be replaced without replacing the window. The tint film is bubbled restricting vision.
The sensors, I am told, were put in aftermarket. Both they and the defroster went out at the same time. Wiring or fuse problem perhaps?

need to know how to remove the cover to to determine the problem
Both issuses happened at the same time.
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