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I have been hearing a whirring noise for some time now. I just had the tires rotated and brakes replaced, (Rotors and Pads) and still hear the noise.
Exhaust leak at flex pipe. I know it's the flex pipe. I jacked the car up and could feel were the exhaust leak and noise was coming from.
replaced the convertible top vehicle will not start now, ran scan states ecm is bad.
how to get to windshield washer hoses on 2006 toyota solara
The car has been sitting in our driveway for a few months, so we jumped it yesterday and it started right up and worked just fine. This morning the car wouldn’t start, and did not take a jump at all. We took the battery to an auto zone and they said dh battery was dead. So we got a new one, and the car still will not start.
All attempts to reset fails. No power to ignition
After 2 mechanics, 2 alignments, 2 years no one knows why my car always pulls hard to the right. Recently was told I need struts by Toyota and new tires which are oddly chewed up not evenly worn. (My husbands car is fine so it's not the roads). Anyone have this issue on a '06 Solara (Camry engine).
This work would be about $2500 + and I'm at 191,000. Is it worth it? I do LOVE my car :) I'm afraid new tires will get chewed up again. I've never gotten a straight answer.
My mechanic didn't have the machine for alignments so I went to a tire/alignment specialty store and then the dealer when I didn't like the results.
I finally was about to bring it to my mechanic to troubleshoot when he told me he was selling and retiring. Ahhh!!!!
I finally bought a diagnostic tool scanner and the above codes showed up. I've been told I need a new transmission in March but my car still runs fine. I've had my solenoid replaced twice. Last in 2011. Each time the engine light turns on a week or two later. Each time The mechanics couldn't find anything wrong.I also recently had my transmission fluid flushed. What's going on?
I just got an oil change. The car has about 124,800 miles and is a 2006 Toyota Solara V-6. The "check engine" light has been on for a couple of days. I read that it might be the oxygen sensor. Is this a "life and death" situation? How much would this cost to take care of? What would be the consequences if I waited a while? THANKS!
Sound is most prominent when straightening out while parking.
car started overheated, made noises and smoked a little
One minute the key bob worked to open the trunk and then it didn't. I replaced the batteries, which tested good at the key shop, and the dealer re-programmed one but it didn't resolve the problem. Only the driver's door can be opened with a key so it's a bit of an inconvenience.
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