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Car was totally dead, when ignition key was turned no response on dashboard or click or crank. Replaced Battery still no response when ignition key was turned on dashboard or engine cranking.
My Solara suddenly has an check engine light on while I was driving from home to work this morning. I used my scan tool to get error codes. It shows multiple errors of P0441, P0445, P0446. Before taking my car to a dealer, I would like to know what would be possible fixes for these multiple error codes.
i have had problems with the tires going bad too soon and no one knows why
When I start the car u car here like a little noise but as soon as I step on the gas it's loud and when the AC is on I don't no what it can be I just got the car and it wasn't making the noise 3days ago!!!
The smell of raw gas occurs at stopping or parking. Smell is both inside and outside of car. Injector O-rings changed. Complete car smoked. Gas tank inspected & pressure tested. Fuel lines checked. Nobody can seem to find the problem. Stared at 96,000 miles. Car serviced regularly.
The hood is full of round bubbles. Some have popped and the bare metal is exposed. The rest of the car appears okay, Very disappointed with the quality.
Happens when start car, gearshift moves a little but will stop and won't move on into gear. If I keep restarting, mash hard on brake, turn wheel, after several tries it will slide on past the sticking point and work fine. I do need new front brakes, (when I push hard while trying to get gearshift to move, brake can go all the way to floor). sometimes hear a clunking noise when driving, and just today had the recall for drive crank fixed - this didn't help the shift issue, tho they told me at dealership it could cause other issues. Often it works fine. I had fluid checked a couple of weeks ago, it was fine; emergency brake is off.
car again and coolant does not get drawn back into cooling system from expansion tank and i can hear air escaping near expansion tank,altho i can't see a leak in the exp.tank hose (going to the radiator).this causes radiator to be 1qt.or more low on coolant when car is started the next time unless i top off coolant in radiator before i start the car.i have replaced coolant and cap but still have greatly appreciated
How many other Toyota solara convertible owners with cracked dashboards would be willing to join me in a class action lawsuit for compensation, as this problem greatly devalues the trade value.
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