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When I start my car, randomly occurs
Occurs at various times throughout the day, but may also skip a day or only happen once. Usually stops making the noise after a few minutes
2004 toyota salara 5 speed wont go in any gear, but starts right up
Live in Florida usually just need a.c.. now need heat. How to turn on heat? When I press digital for higher temperature it just blows air - not cold but not warm. I've been using seat heater which works fine but need warmer air
it will go up 2-3 inches when holding the up switch and stop. Then it will return to original position when push down switch
i don't have a problem but the dealer says it time to replace based on milege
Light comes on after 20 miles in 40 degree temp. Took 2 Auto Zone twice, they say battery and alt. test ok. Found loose connections on battery and ground. Next step?
If u force the top open am inch or so, don't want to completely break it, when I press the close button it works just fine. Pressing the open button nothing happens, the windows should lower half way and the top should open but nothing triggers, I checked fuses, all seem ok, because it closes I think thee motor is ok, any ideas? Could the switch itself have gone bad? Any ideas are greatly appriciated
The engine fires up and appears to be ideling fine. The oil level reads full.
where is it located?
It was replaced by second new engine in 2007 and now odo reading is 210..Interior exterior is awesome..but I have doubts about second engine..with second engine it worked for sround 100k..So is it a good decision to buy this carwith this specifications right now the condition was good.
Been hearing this sound for a few months now. The level does not seem to increase with speed.
Sometimes when I start the car and hold down the window button it works but top is in down position and won't go up
I fight with Toyota for over 1 year, and they made it seems like I did something to my dashboard. never got anywhere with them, so I gave up. i bought a dash cover from discount auto, and tint my glass from help the heat from the sun, this way it doesn't gets worst. it helps a little, not a lot.
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