2003 Toyota Solara Questions

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has compression,spark and fuel. made sure f on tone wheel faced front.checked all wiring connections
Could it be a transmission issue.
Uninstalling door panel?
I replaced my battery & now my car will not idol. Help!!
back seat removal for strut replacement
what is best procedure to replace rear struts
what has to be removed to access struts
Toyota diagnosis as to the reason my check engine light is on. B2-S1 O2 Sensor is bad..
Changed the top catalytic converter and the car goes about 2 miles and loses power, shakes, and brakes smell like they are burning. Once car cools down for about 20 mins can drive but will happen again.
What should I expect to pay and can it be done in a day?
i have checked the fuil filter and fuil pump and the problum is still there
At first it was only part of the dashlight. Part of the dash section was dimmer than the other. Then the light finally went out completely. The other lights for the radio, cruise control and such still work. Is it hard to fix this?
eventually the squelling stops. And sometimes it starts back a little as you slow down and goes away as you speed up.
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