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it turns over great but its like it wont spark. batter , starter, plugs all good. my car is in pretty great condition and ran wonderfully before replacing the ignition. please give me every absolute possibility that I can check I am about to loose my job over not having my car
After installing starter would not start just made whirring type noise.After moving gear selector a bit it started,was startihg fine after that now does same thing. After having to mess with last night(move shift selector in and out of gear,take key out,just keep playing with it and giving little breaks, not a straight continuos thing)it started after about half an hour. Today it started right up. Have only started once so far. Thanks.
check engine light came on followed by a dead battery. Sensor replaced and new battery put in (battery was only about 6 months old). Now 1-1/1 months later exact same thing has happened. What could be causing this?
The light is on in the dashboard air bag
It's night and the rear lights warning in the dash comes on, I switched off the ignition and on again and it went off. This happened twice already, is it a relay ? If so, which one, it's not marked under the fuse box cover.
Whenever I'm turning on AC, car vibrates and engine turns off automatically. Car run fine without the AC or defrost.
and maintanence light to go on and flashing check engine light over 50 mph drove slow to dealer and they claim its bad fuel??? I am confused they also mentioned cleaning a valve and too much oil in engine and they changed oil last a few thousand miles not due for oil change for 2000 more miles and or April///Help I have Platinum Coverage and the loop hole is blaming fuel from large company on 59 so it cant be old or tainted gas can it?? Thanks, Rigel somewhere in Texas its not cold out or raining out ???
Any suggestions? Could the rod piece be bad somehow?
I swapped read quarter windows switch with convertible top switch. Top works fine up/down. rear quarter windows do not close.

Had problem with drivers door window. works now, honestly think it was a loose wire.

Rear windows got stuck open after opening convertible top. with key on "ON" position, car not started. I was trying to see if there was a way to reset master window control as seen on a youtube video from Australia - now the windows are stuck open. suggestions?
Have replaced switch, drivers window stuck closed (up), tried reset code as seen on youtube video (Reset late model Toyota Electric windows master switch) [((this forum does not allow the link))] something is happening - my small read windows are now stuck OPEN!

Who has the code? Please share. Many thanks.
when i have it on it makes a little rattling noise, and when i start to drive. the noise is coming from the right side of the engine.i had 3 people say its something w the engine, i hope not. what is it and if anybody had the same problem, what was it? and how much to repair it.
How do I fix at the front seat safety belt which is stuck in the full out position on my Toyota Solara 2002 convertible? This is a chronic problem with this model and there is no recall for this item.
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