2000 Toyota Solara Questions

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Some one told me it could just be a line going into it, I have gotten a couple estimates to replace the brake booster, but I don't know if I am getting the truth.
Took it to Autozone to check it, they said its in the evap system, something could be clogged or fuel cap. Took to a mechanic, 2nd time he cleared it @ it never comes back on, now. But I told him before he cleared the light, I smelled "gas in the oil" when checking the oil. Im surely thinking he's bypassed something in the circuit to make the light NOT come back on, cause he viewed me as a pest, though I asked him to fix it.?? Few wks later, In any case Now the car whines off and on somtimes kinda loud just from underneath,as it resonates and you cant pinpoint it.. Till the other day when I took it to a muffler shop that put it on the lift and found a egr thing located under @ by the gas tank. He jiggled it @ it quit making the sound. Thinking a solenoid may had been stuck..? Though it,the noise, came back 2 days later, "today." Any Advice or similar happenings that I might can do to FIX Myself. It shifts out fine.. And it has 203,870 miles. Has New plugs,timing belt, belts, fuel filter, radiator fluid changed, and hoses too.. just saying. Excellent condition.
I had a mechanic check it and he said the ABS brake sensor's are bad and have to be replaced. The ABS light never came on until I had the front struts replaced.
the driver window will not roll down

i change the switch and checked the power

the passanger side works
i change the switch and checked the power
the steering colum unlocks itself switch has too much play can i fix it without replacing ?
When I turn on fan for the a/c or heat it only blows out when its turned all the way on high.
Evac Solenoid. I dont know the code, all I know is that the mac. said that was the problem. Can You help? Also is this something I can replace myself? The mac I bought the car from replaced the catalytic converter.
how can i fix the plastic cover on the gear shifter it moves with the gear it came out of the track it slides in
I've bougt complete headlight assemblies, but not sure how to go about installing the new ones or removing the old ones.
New battery and alternator belt replaced.
Sometimes while running the heat in my car it smells like something is burning. This doesn't happen all the time but often enough that I think something might be wrong. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
What kind of motor oil should i use for this car?
I brought the car a year ago and it started the problem as soon as the gas went low enough to the last quarter line.
Car will no longer start. Went from just a clicking noise and eventually not starting and hearing a rattling noise similar to a gun going off
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