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I am doing preventative maintenance and doing my brakes and struts. There are two options for front struts. The strut itself or the strut and coil together. Does anyone kn9w if the coil also needs to be replaced at 100k miles. $100 difference
There is no brake lights signals lights dash lights no power windows or locks
and off several times before the engine starts running.
I was told radiator was cracked and I paid total $497.22 which included Asian coolant, plastic tank, radiator cap and labor. Afterward I am concerned that it was an inflated price. This was done by a Repair Pal member in San Diego.
thanks for your assistance.
Well I keep running my car till one day I realize that there's a strong gas smell coming from my exhaust and even there's some get inside the cabin too!
well everytime i get in my car,start running and turn the A/C on for a while,I noticed that whenever I smell my left hand ( which I often put near the A/C on the driver side),I got a little gas smell on my left hand and I wonder is it a fuel or oil leaking somewhere? If it is a leak,how much do I have to pay for the labor and parts!
The fade is a result of the top being down
Includes shield for gas tank, clamps, etc. under passenger side
Just changed the timing belt & water pump about 6 months ago. All fluids are good. Just b4 it stopped starting it was very sluggish. After realizing that it startedfor the last time but wouldn't go into reverse. Then wouldn't start at all. But it will turn over. Please help. Need my car asap
It's got about 125000 miles and I can't remember the last brake work but can look it up.....going to take it in in about an hour and would like to be somewhat informed. It happens when I am going over 30 mph or so.... I can always postpone the service though because you always help me so much in this forum. Thanks

I changed a bad ignition switch, now engine wont start, is it possible that the igniter might be bad too ?
i got my car serviced for valve cover gasket leak water pump and timing belt in one day. once i picked car up a few minutes down the road my check engine light was on. it was never on prior to being serviced. i stop by advanced auto. they tell me to look up code p0125 which says insufficient coolent temperature dealing with thermostat. since engine had to be removed and replaced for the above repair work prior to this, could it be that the thermostat is just loose?
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