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not sure how long overheating for. still stars but when started it some smoke came from tail pipe at frist but went away.
What could be causing this the abs turns off when I'm driving but not the cruise light but when you apply the brakes the abs light comes back on then goes off I don't know what's causing the problem the brakes seem to be fine and the cruise is off but the light continuously flashes this happens every time you start the car it just all of a sudden started but there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the car
Put key in ignition will not turn...wheel is not locked tried every maneuver i can think luck
The thermostat has already been replaced. The temp gauge is normal.
Starts right up but makes a hammering noise. But engine has no vibration, as smooth as silk. Some say rods, other timing belt, other knock sensor. Has 4 cylinder, auto.
I recently discovered my tail lights are not turning on when I turn on my headlights. The 10A fuse keeps blowing every time turn the headlight switch. I have replaced the turn signal switch but I am still having problems with the fuse. I have checked all the wires in the trunk and they are in good condition. I have replaced all the bulbs for the brake lights as well but to no avail. What am I missing? I have failed my inspection and don't want to continue driving this way.
When it does this I will wiggle the fuses around and then it starts. What fuse should I be concerned with?
need the timing marks for the camshaft
Both power windows not working...sunroof works. Before replacing the motor and regulators are there fuses or relays I can check
I am at 80,000 miles and have been very diligent with my scheduled maintenance. I recently lost my maintenance guide. When should I replace my timing belt? 90k or 100k? I figured I should start saving now. Any other items I should be aware of?
2000 Toyota solara V-6, in the buffalo, ny area?
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