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99 solara 140k. used the remote start, heard it start, then 6 seconds later it died as though the battery was dead. keyless entry was inoperable, etc. 12 hours later i used remote start, it instantly fired up. I drove it around for a few minutes then left it over night. 2 days with no problems, drove fine. Leaving work, while driving, it seems as though it literally shut off for a fraction of a second (radio turned off, ignition beeping, car jerked). next 2 days started up fine, no issues. This morning, dead again, didn't even start and then die like the first time. No cranking, just dead. Will try to start it when i get home from work tonight but I am very unsure what the issue is. I have not tried jumping or anything yet.
No noise. Happens two or three times a week. Starts fine always. Idles fine always. Just driving, all is good, and then it falls on its face. Will not accept more gas peddle, but it will idle fine. Next start and run it's fine. No engine service light on.
99 toy solara v6
Unable to go from 3rd to 1st coming to a stop unless I go into 2nd first, other wise feels like it goes in half way and pops right back out.
What would cause this? It seems like it would be easy to fix, if I knew where to start. Any help on this is much appreciated, thanks!
Defrost output only not operating.
Push pedal 1/4 inch fine anymore no power
Brought car to mechanic to change spark plugs. Next day, get a call from the police that my car is running in the parking lot but is locked and no keys inside.
Get to my car to figure out that when I turned my car on and off again with the key, even though the engine cut the headlights and dash lights are stuck on.

Took my car back to my mechanic and he said it was a separate issue-not his fault, however he had done work to my car less than 24 hours prior and I did not have this issue before.
I know that I have a oil leask. But my main problem is the high idle. In the morning it's fine until you drive for a while and it gets hot then went you stop and put it in Park it idles high a won't go down
when the battery goes dead the car quits ive replaced batt, alt and fuse it started once then died and wont start again it cranks over but acts like its not getting spark or fuel
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