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mostly in the morning when i want to go to work.that first journey of the day.i will need to put it on drive the accelerate so hard to get it to move and once i am in a tarred road the gear works perfectly and no trouble again until the car is parked for atlease 6 to 8 gives a roaring sound until am on tared road and the sound becomes normal again.the sound is as result of accelerating the car for proper movement.
When slowing down 10-15 mph, or when turning a corner. Buzzer like ringing phone will repeat two or three times in rapid succession, but may not happen again for a few days. No warning light comes on but very disturbing. Did not have cell phone in car at the time so definitely not the phone, but sounded like it
I have 42k miles on my 2014 awd sienna with run flat tires. main part of tires have 3/32 of tread left, but inside edges of all 4 tires are worn to steel belts. Toyota service manager tells me it is a common problem with run flat tires. I know I need new tires, but would like to know what caused this wear.
35,000 on sienna xle- ran great-
Filled with gas and rotated wheels.
Next day, hard start (like cheap gas)the AWD, TRAC LIGHT ON, rad FANS ON CONSTANT , NO cruise control , all of these things came on at once.
should i worry about driving this car several hundred miles this weekend. the lights have been on for a couple of weeks and are on all the time.
should i worry about driving this car several hundred miles this weekend
we have had 3 times now when the rear brakes froze like the emergency brake is stuck on (its not). if you attempt to drive the wheels wont unlock until you get enough force to break them loose. why does this happen? getting the vehicle washed in below 32F temps? my other vehicles dont have this problem.
Well there's nothing else to say, why would this happen to a car supposedly in good condition? This happened to me on the I-95 this year.
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