2012 Toyota Sienna Questions

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The dashboard lights I am referring to are all the ones around the odometer that would come on when starting the car.
Similar to an electrical motor that won’t work
Seat belt frayed & needs to be replaced in 2nd row seat in back of driver, how much will it cost in total
No physical signs of leak, very minor so far. Why is the quote so high? Otherwise, car is in great condition. Should I go with agency or look elsewhere?
sometimes if I mess with the seat belt on passenger side it comes off.
The vehicle is having problems with its automatic Liftgate, when I press the button on the remote key the vehicle makes a weird grinding noise, the rear Liftgate only works when I open it manually. Also then vehicle has problems when closing it automatically, it makes grinding noises and automatically reopens and closes halfway and opens again. Please help!
a fuse or a bad connection?
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