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Timing chain or belt on 3.5 motor & recommended replacement? on 2009 V6 Toyota Sienna
Toyota service person indicated that I have dry timing belt. Do I need to replace it?
The car has 60,000 miles
I was hearing a constant chirping sound from the front right hand side of my 2009 Toyota Sienna 2 WD. I had replaced all 4 tires, front brake pads, front brake rotors, performed wheel balancing and alignment. My mechanic said the front right hand side wheel bearing needs to be replaced. Upon further examination he said the front axle bearing should also be replaced. I need to know how much cost (parts & labor) should I be expecting for this repair?
the usual 'D' For drive does not move the car fast enough. it also revs to '3' on the odometer before the car moves. i hope the transmission is not bad yet
And how often should I drive it before I get to repair shop!

The cable on my Sienna for the electric sliding door snapped and I was quoted approx. $1200 to fix it. It is not part of the 04-07 recall for this problem. The door can still be opened manually however. Is it a problem to simply open manually as long as the cable is cut? Does it lead to other problems with the electrical components if we decided to get it fixed down the road? Thank you.
my back seat was failure after when i makt it down
09 sienna with 90K. Van has timing chain not belt. Dealer recommended water pump replacement at 90K. Seems very soon especially if not being done at same time as timing belt which is not needed for this car. Thx
how do I reset vsc so my accellerator works agains?
at 25,000 maintenance required light came on, now 25,600? and all other lights came on, it kind of sounds like something is clicking
Bought the car used (17K mi) when the car turned 1 year old.
don't know why...but the paint is still shiny in some spots and extrememly dull in others. Mechanically it runs great, but looks a lot older than it is because of the paint job, according to car fax...never been in an accident.
In winter weather, should track be on or off
how much can I expect to pay for an air filter to be replaced, and the throttle engine serviced?
Back up sensor was installed by dealer and now causing repeated shorts/blown fuses and vehicle has broken down 3 times. Toyota has had car for past 3 weeks and can't fix it and is washing their hands of it. I'm at wit's end. Any suggestions for a permanent fix short of calling it a "lemon"?
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