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Is my van need timing chain replaced.
when I open door it doesn't latch into place and will potentially slide shut while someone is trying to climb in. Can I fix it so it latches?
When I put it
in neutral the noise winds down till gone
For us, only occurs turning to right. Clicking sound under dash, also. The correction just about rips the steering out of your hand. Dealer 'calibrated a sensor' for $500 and problem remains. Then suggested replacing steering column. Then leaking CV boots. Then bad front shocks....
Only had calibration done. The rest sounds like they are just shotgunning the problem.
I understand there is a recall for dashboard cracks and that Toyota will replace the Dashboard but I haven't heard anything from Toyota
The brakes are very soft. Have to push down far on pedal to stop. New pads were put on. 3 mechanics have checked i t- all say it is good. But, it still feels soft - pushing down too far to stop. Feels like the brake pedal goes to far near end. Any suggestions???
Bought this car and it had 380000 miles on it . After I drove for 20000 mile pep boy guy told me the axle shaft assembly right side is leaking need to be replace. It will cost 400+ dealers refuse to fix it under it warranty. I know there was a recall for this problem in 2010.
I broke one of five studs of the front hub can I replace just one or do I have to get a new hub?
we were towing a tent trailer well under sienna capacity uphill on hot day and van started jerking in speed, then would not change gears. The engine light did not come on and temp indicated normal. We pulled over and let it cool for an hour then started driving again, but jerking started again, lost speed and had to pull over. Got towed and repairs cost $2100. They soaked & saved the O2 sensors but had to replace catalytic converters. We are now afraid to ever tow our tent trailer again and feel afraid that engine lights and temp control won't alert us to any other future probs. Van is maintenanced regularly so was very surprised to have such a huge problem occur. Thanks.
Passenger elec. sliding door doesn't close all the way on its own. If you manually assist with pressure (closing direction), it will close otherwise it opens up all the way. The rubber and paint on the lower side of the track groove appears to be a bit worn/ cracking. The door gets to where it starts going "into" (at the turn) the car when it stalls and opens. Also seems as though the door raises or jumps up to get in line with door open to latch closed. The jump is minimal, but not a smooth parallel run from open to close. Thanks for your assistance.
The module was burnt together with the electrical plug in a short. I am trying to get the new module unit but it has been impossible. Hope you can help me. Thank you. Toyota Previa 2007 VIN: JTEGD54M77A000803 engine number: 2AZ2622465. Part number 4405028270.
I have a 2007 Toyota sienna 3.5l. I get a massive plume of blue smoke when I start it in the morning and occasionally on acceleration. I'm thinking valve stem seals but I've heard you have to drop the power train out from underneath to remove the timing chain. Can the heads be pulled without dropping the engine out?
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