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I am trying to get the specifications for proper fuel pressure measured at the Fuel Rail - I have found a few different answers but none seem to enlighten me. one thing stated a 150 PSI at the pump and another said Toyota 50PSI min and 85 Max but made no mention as to what specific vehicles or where exactly that was measured. I need 3.3L 2006 Toyota Sienna Fuel Pressure specifications.
The door would stick or not open all tge way then one day the wire snapped on the outside of the car under the 3rd row seat window and now it wont open at all?
Needs both Knock sensor circuit and sub harness for the sensor to be replaced
Intake manifold casket set to be replaced
And Crossover coolant pipe and adding toyota long life coolant
The codes are PO174 And P0300
Price coasts please and where to take it
Thank you
When I try to open the sliding door the wire or cable is loose and showing. It is preventing the door to open and close properly.
I have a 2006 toyota sienna with power side mirrors. they work fine but the driver side mirror has a problem with the fold in. it is loose and moves as I am driving. can I put a screw in the bottom to stop it
I was told by the Toyota dealership that the reason my Check Engine light would come on and stay on was because of a bad evaporator vsv. What is the usual cost to repair/replace this problem by the dealership or an independent repair with parts and labor?
is because of the Evaporator VSV was bad. What is usually the cost of labor and any parts an independent shop other than the dealership?
Why does my 2006 Sienna 3.3L auto transmission usually hesitate for a second ot two when stepping on the gas after coasting (i.e. taking foot off gas while turning a corner while van is still moving and stepping on the gas again)? It happens about 90% or more of the time. It happens when engine is warmed up. Engine RPM's rise about 100 to 200 when I step on gas without transmission engaging. Then while the van is still rolling forward in Drive transmission kicks in with a jerk and van starts to accelerate again. I have no transmission problems that I'm aware of and all maintenance has always been performed as scheduled. Van currently has 113,301 miles on the odometer. My dad's V8 Tundra automatic does the same thing. I've been driving this van for a year and it had just under 100,000 miles on the odometer at that time. The van has had this problem from the time I started driving it. The check engine light is off as well as all other warning lights. The van has always passed Illinois emissions tests. I use regular unleaded fuel, 87 octane, and STP total fuel system cleaner every 3,000 miles.
I ama looking to buy a 2006 Toyota Sienna with 159k miles and the owner said he's never replaced the timing belt. He said the dealership said if it went out it wouldn't harm the engine. From what I've read that maybe true if it's a non-interference engine but not if it's an interference engine. How do I know if it is or isn't?
I had both rear hubs as well as the pin for the emergency brake line on the driver side rear wheel replaced. Immediately upon starting, the ABS, VSC and e-brake light are all on solid and the tire pressure light is blinking. The tire pressure light would not reset using the button in the usual manner. The mechanic said it was the "body module" and that it would need to be reset at the dealer because his machine couldn't do it. Is this likely accurate? Would unhooking the battery for at least 30 minutes reset the system?
This happen about a year ago and Toyota said, both were out and I took to another repair place and they said; one was out, but both quoted me about same price. So I had them to reset and keep on dsriving no repair done at time, now over year later it's on again and Toyota said; only 1 needs replacing. What should I do? I'm 60 and single and and don't know what to do but need Van because I can't afford payments on another car. I'm on disability
Toyota says they're cracked
My wife drives our 2006 Toyota Sienna. The DRIVERS SEAT has literally fallen off its mounting.

She has found a use for those thick phone books delivered by TPC and has placed a brick & phone book under her seat to hold it in place.

This is, at best a temp fix.

What is the best low cost fix?

Does the seat need to be replaced or can it all be repaired?

Any other thoughts?
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