2004 Toyota Sienna Questions

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The AC works very good sometimes, it gets really cold, but all of the sudden it stops blowing cold air and it seems that only the fan is running.
Light o dashboard is on did not pass inspection on 2004 Toyota Sienna? Code isPOO37
Replaced with new radiator and new thermostat, It's been going on for like a week and still overheats and it's doing it everytime we turn it on and it's running it will start to overheat again, Right now it doesn't have any antifreeze only water could this be another reason? No hose leaks or any leak, it was driving fine in till turned on a/c then started slowly overheating and when turned on it does the same without the a/c.
My check engine light is on and my van is showing a catalytic converter code when hooked up to a machine. What does that mean?
Do all your repair pal auto shops accept major credit cards?
And the check engine light is on..
Sounds like it is coming from upper rear of motor on passenger side. Water pump and timing chain/gears replaced
Just turn on air condition first time this season (90 degrees) any only hot air came out.
my lights went out to my dash, when i turn on headlights,my radio light goes out
I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna. 3.3L engine.
there is not heat coming from the drivers side vents. there is heat on the passenger side and rear. the A/C works on all vents. only the two vents on the drivers side only blow cold air.
Air conditioning unit is blowing but no cold air
it has spark i put starter fluid and it wont start ,can i have spark and no fuel deliveryver
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