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Toyota 2002 sienna, when i driving on free way it drive ok but when i driving slow the engine died stop after about 10(ten) minute the engine start driving again and it drive for about one mile it died again so on .....
I discover that when ever I start my toyota sienna 2002 model and drive it will stop as I match the brake
My headlights wont come on, even the brights. I just replaced both bulbs a couple months ago. I checked both 15amp fuses and they were still good. What else could it be? My turn signals and hazards and all other lights work fine.
replaced speed sensor & 2 oxygen sensors. codes wont clear & car is still not running right
2002 Sienna, 113k. Annoying to daily driver wife. Looked at twice by same shop; cannot find. Brakes good, tires good. Noticeable inside above rt wheel well only at 5-20 mph. Replaced rear shocks at same time noise became apparent. Possibly U joint?
Sienna 2002, 113k During alignment, tech reported to me that I had play in right front rack and pinion. Quoted me $ 800-1,000. Not noticeable at that time when driving. Said would eventually notice looseness in steering. Have put on 3,500k since with no noticeable looseness. Keep an eye on it or replace soon?
Checked everything and replaced gas cap and canister. After couple weeks check engine light turned on and the same code appears
How do I replace the bolt?
Car is in good shape, has had routine maintenance.
This controls where the heat/AC air flow is directed, either floor, defrost, or dashboard vents. The spindle the control knobs fits on to has fallen somewhere into the dash.
More info:
AC diagnostic codes are 23 (pressure sensor) and 31 (air mix damper position, front)

Online research leads me to believe that the main plastic gear in the air mix control servometer has stripped.

Would like to know if you concur and if so where is this servo? I have removed driver dash console, AC controls, and radio, but do not see the servo assembly.
when brakes applied a clicking sound is heard from rear
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