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The other night while driving it I heard this horrible metal scraping sound and ever since then every time I start it it immediately dies I cannot keep it running.....

it overheats, has white smoke fruity smell at first then gets stronger , when i let it park overnight i can barely get it to start, after about 20 minutes of driving it, the front of my vehicle shakes/wiggles/bobbles, but if dosent seem to overheat if i drive and keep the heat on medium...but then the car starts to feel weirder, can all this be happening because of a bad heatercore?

We are thinking we have low vacuum when running on 3 cylinders. We Have Replaced master cylinder and power assist unit, bleed brakes, 6 new coils & spark plugs and most maintenance due sensors Have searched for vacuum leaks and none to be found.
When I take my foot off the gas pedal while traveling, the engine immediately drops from six cylinders to three cylinders. When I go to stop I barely have any breaks. I'm assuming that the reason for this is that when the engine drops down to three cylinders it does not provide enough vacuum for the breaks to work properly

We are thinking reprograming computer Or the BIG sins of a DIY taking it to a dealer.

Part already primed/painted. Install handle only. I will do panel later

Someone who posted on this site suggested to purchase an OBD-II code reader. I did a search for this and many kinds showed up. What kind or type would you suggest?

And dash lights that lit up now no longer there.

I have recently replaced the fuel sending unit. The new unit seems to work, but does not travel the full extent of the range. In other words, it will only show 1/2 or 1/3 of a full tank, then when the fuel is burned, will start to drop normally. It appears that the new unit may be hanging up on a baffle in the tank. I had thought I had put it in at the same angle as the old one, but now am not sure. Any advise as to the correct position of the unit would be very helpful. My service manual told me the appropriate resistance measurements that the unit should be sending (thus my decision to replace the faulty sending unit), but doesn't give information on the exact placement of the new unit in the tank.

replaced new spark plugs clean egr valve and throttle body no difference

It started yesterday out of the blue. I can start the car and it immediately drops in idling power and shuts off. It will not stay on. when i put the key in the start position before ignition, there is a whirring sound for two seconds. I really need help as this is my only car. It is a 2001 toyota sienna minivan.

love my van and it runs beautifully, just want to keep it that way.

My front catalytic converter turns red hot and cylinders 2, 4, & 6 begin to misfire. The engine code reads misfire in the three cylinders. There is very little exhaust when the vehicle begins acting up. I have removed the front catalytic converter but the three cylinders continue to misfire (no where near as bad as it was before cat removal) and the engine codes still reads misfire in cylinders 2, 4, & 6. The spark plugs have been replaced. Any suggestions?

Dobbs (local chain store mechanic) is advertising $45 for cooling system drain & refill service. This is less than half of RepairPal's estimate ($115-152). Why is the big difference in price? Should I go to the Toyota dealer for the service to be sure things done correctly? It is charging $192.

Thank you for your help,