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Bought Toyota Sienna brand new in 2000. Ran great until I cut wires out of rear of van getting ready for a local race. Still turns over but will not start. Getting fuel, but no spark at plugs. Possibly related to security system. Desperate, put to much time and effort getting ready for this race. Any help is appreciated.
None of the doors on my 2000 Sienna will lock and there is a flickering of lights on my doors. The fuse looked fine??
Everytime I step on the break my RPMs dive down to below 1 and radio shuts off and I loose my lights and my car sounds like it's going to die. ABS light stays on and battery. It's a brand new battery and altinator. I have a 2000 Toyota sienna LE. Any ideas what it could be ?
seems not to engage at start or jerks and jerked at 65 mph
This noise started about a month ago. It was making the noise once in a while. The noise now happens all time.
There is no vibration or loose feeling when driving.
Are there any steps I could do to narrow down the cause? Also, could you give an estimate of shop cost to diagnose the problem?
Thank you for your help.
I think this is an oil pump issue
My 2000 toyota sienna 3.0 v6 motor is running very rough and while in gear drives very slowly or not at all. Check enging light was blinking but now just stays on.
swaped coils and plugs and done compression swapped injectors fuel trims indicate ignition miss in cyl 2 and 6 more on 2 than 6 its only affecting bank 2 o2 switching both banks seems to stumble cold but run good for few minutes till computer has to start adding and subtracting fuel then it starts miss fire not imediaetly like it has to heat sink its self to start missing swapped parts and problem stayed in them cyl.
I know that daytime running lights will always be on when you have it on auto, however I want some interior LEDs to turn on at night when the gauge lights turn on. Is the tail light fuse a good fuse to use to carry a 12V current to the LEDs (24. 10A Tail Light) ? Or a Stop Light fuse (23. 15A Stop)? Maybe I can use a meter illumination wire or use the negative dimmer wire from the dimmer wheel at the left of the steering wheel. I just want the LEDs to turn on with the gauges when the van detects the darkness outside at night (or in a garage or parking lot).
Can't seem to locate them. Code p0750 &p0755
Was quoted 280$ for new ignition switch. Bought an OE switch and key from parts store. Car won't start. Was told the key needed to be relearned?
Can I pop out inside liner from inside?
Sludge buildup has caused the engine to overuse oil, and now a valve is bad, so it can't pass inspection again. The van is in otherwise fine shape. If I try to sell it, I'd like to know what is a reasonable price to ask for someone willing to take on the work or expense of replacing the engine.
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