1999 Toyota Sienna Questions

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It drives okay. When I try and start the car in Neutral, there is a weird sound the engine makes before it turns over. It sounds like it is coming from the transmission. It sounds like a big gear coming to a halt immediately.
The gear shifts goes into the 1st slot designated for park, but the indicator light does not illuminate. I tried rocking the car back and forth in order for it to click into place but it did not work.
I thought I found it watching a YouTube video when I started to pull it out an two wires connected to it and go back into transmission
I want to change the fuel injector relay
When i turn the key to start my car it takes some cranks b4 it starts, it seems like its not gonna start but it does . Also i feel like a dry kinda feeling while driving as if its low in engine oil, & also power window sometimes wont go up have to give it a minute b4 i try again as well the "D" for the gears wont light up any more but the others do.. hope i have been clear, with my description
I have new tires on this vehicle & I am getting steering vibration starting at 65 miles per hour. The problem also occurred with my old tires. Could this be an alignment problem or maybe a front strut problem. It has the original struts on the vehicle. The rear shocks have been changed recently.
early morning 5am, starter engaged and wont stop turning the motor, even when key is removed, and re-engages when battery is reconnected. I disconnected the battery and went to work. After work I connected the battery and Starter did not re-engage. (until) I turned the key and now every time I connect the battery it sparks hard and wants to melt the battery posts if I leave it connected.
Can I switch the driver side to the passinger side? Are they the same?
Mechanic says 02 sensor needs to replaced.
How many 02 sensors are there in Toyota Sienna 2009
And what are the possibly that could be the problems?
It has 97k miles on it.
The codes that I found out was:

Any advice ?
need to replace the rear seats in my van
I have to put a blow drier to the engine for an hour before it starts, it's like it can't take the cold
Engine doesn't sound any different, nothing different about my van, just the light came on.
Oil was very very low, added oil, cleaned air filter, but light is still on? Can I reset the light by pulling the fuse out and putting it back in?
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