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There are no more details
The water blow back to the reservoir
I did a compression test on all six cylinders and had a reading of 160 on five cylinders and 70 on one so I was wondering if i could change just the one head gasket
the other side won't open and close now
drove about 60 miles and then started to get a miss and loss of power (particularly up hill) and the check engine light was either flashing or steady.

borrowed a OBD tester and got codes P0303/0306 cylinder 3/6 misfire. I see a "square" module on the front of the engine near the oil cap with an ignition wire labeled "3" and a second connector that looks like it leads to a fuel injector. The connectors are a mystery as I cannot figure out how to open them.

Because of the engine "V" shape, I cannot see if there is a reciprical "square" module and is the problem in one, both or not these modules?
What can i fix
Yesterday I had a question. Neede an answer
Just replaced rear shocks a week ago. Now,during cold backup, it feels like theres a block behind the rear wheels. A little extra gas,and the problem quits.
Both inner and outer tie rods replaced as well as the axles.
I was attempting to replace the fuel filter in 1998 Sienna and I bent the fuel line at the joint going into the filter. I have cut it off but my local parts store did not have a line or adaptor that is the right size with a big enough nut/thread to match.. Anyone else encountered similar. Is it something I need to get from Toyota? Can I put something in there to like a small bit of fuel hose and clamps. It doesnt seem practical to replace the whole line, its long and winds aroundand down to the rear of the can.
I can no longer start my 1998 Toyota Sienna van. Sorry I disregarded the engine warning light. The car now won't start. Has only 110,000 original miles; original owner.
What do you suggest.
My van failed smog twice because of this. I am also in a low-income household.
Mine is different than most. I undid some screws that face you when you open the glove box. there are no other screws - some people suggested there is one on lower right side. It seems I have tried everything but I can not get the glove box to fall down. I called the dealership but they were not willing to provide the help - just suggested bringing it in for service.
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