2007 Toyota Sequoia Questions

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This happens occasionally shortly after the Sequoia has been sitting over night just wondering if this could be a vacuum issue?
150 K and counting.
No smoke or noise.
4.7 L. V8.
Incredibly reliable.
Purchased used in 2005 w 75 K miles.
Lots of power and speed.
Also 12 codes came up until he plugged it in. Now only my O2 sensor is showing up. I'm still having acceleration problems but not as bad.
just bought it so worried
Mine have mod really bad so I bought new ones and they do not look difficult to change but cannot find any information on them.
diagnostics says port 1 and port 4 is running lean
Hi, test drove a 2007 sequoia 4wd with 54,000 miles. Loved the truck and really wanted to buy it, but while on the highway at 60mph and above, I noticed a low constant rumble sound with a very mild vibration in the chassis. Also, noticed a transmission or driveshaft clunk a few times while coming to a stop. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
Just happened about 1 1/2 weeks ago. have checked all fuses, all are good.
Truck was running fine. I parked for 1-hour and tried to restart. Dash lights up, clicking sound, w/headlamps that go off quickly, and the engine does not turn over at all--absolutely no cranking.

Is this battery or starter, or something else?
the latch is plastic and I don't think it is the best type of latch, why not medal.
Trying to start my car, won't start and I get a clicking sound (not fast clicking though). If is the starter, approx how much should a repair cost
I have a 2007 sequoia and when you turn off iginition and close the drivers door all the windows and the sunroof open up
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