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my battery is being drained. I disconnected the positive side and attached a test light and removed the fuses one at a time the ligt remained on but when i removed the ECU-B fuse the light went out. my question is, what circuts does this effect and could this be the problem?? (help).
Hi I was driving my car the other day and made a right turn, when all of a sudden my car basically died I hit the gas and got nothing as I completed the turn with just enough acceleration I was able to hit the gas once more. Later that day I put a Code reader to check if any codes came up. Surely enough I got a Mass Airflow code and proceeded to buy a new sensor. Unfortunately this didnt resolve anything when I make only right turns my car looses gas power im leaning towards maybe there is a leak somewhere??
rear tranny seal leaking??????????
U joints been replaced tie rods replaced brakes and rotors also
This squealing/screeching sounds happens only when in reverse and and it doesn't matter whether brakes are being used or not. I do not detect any issues when driving forward
wiper in rear does`t work
My driver side door (only) will not
Lock or open using the remote fob. I have to use actual key.
We just came back home from vacation (7hour drive) and parked. Everything seemed fine. Walked outside 10 mins later and lights were flashing. Very bad storm going on now with a lot of thunder and lightning. I'm wondering if it was hit by lightning.
When I got the car it was ticking, pretty loudly and pored white smoke out the exaust. I was told it was the rod barrings, the top barrings showed signs of wear so I replaced them. Finally got it back together and started it up and it hammered louder than before. I did notice it was not poring white smoke anymore. The check engine light is on and has been on from what I understand. I haven't been able to run it for codes yet, I'm afraid to leave it running for long,(I don't have a scanner) and don't want to cause anymore damage.
Sequoia 4 wheel drive limited v8 w/159000 miles feels like the rear tires are flat when I back out of the garage/drive and sometimes when I first start to drive forward. Happens frequently, every couple to every day. Once I have been driving for a minute or two, it drives fine (no more bucking or flat tire feeling). What could cause this to occur?
I want to believe that it has occurred due to me kinda pumping (tapping) on the brakes to come to a complete stop. If I turn off my vehicle and turn it back on, the lights will not turn back on. Should my brake system be service, and if yes, than what in particular should I have done?
Do not hear when driving on highway or street. Occurs when turning and parking. Sounds like a squeaky spring. Have replaced lower ball joints 30,000 miles ago.
Have 334,000 on vehicle but keep it maintained. Travel 40,000 per year highway miles. This sound is embarrassing when I pull in a parking lot. Just started two days ago and I am 1000 miles from home.
Door locks cycle on and off. Happens during wet weather and usually takes 2-3 hours of driving. Sounds like there is a relay shorting out so that even though the doors are already locked, it attempts to relock them. If I unlock doors using the rocker switch, immediately locks them. Then the lock mechanism tries to lock them again, and cycles through this every 10 seconds to 3-4 minutes randomly. Is there a relay under the hood which might do this when moisture enters the engine compartment? If so, where is it located and what is the part number. Help! This is driving me crazy!
I lost my keys 4 weeks ago. A locksmith told me it will cost almost $400 to get 2 new chip keys & reprogram the car.
I just found a regular metal key without the chip & it cranks the engine but doesn't actually turn on. Even though the locksmith told me that a regular key can make the engine crank but won't turn it on. Some friends told me that if the car needs a chip it wouldn't even crank. Before I spend all that $ I want to know if it's normal 4 the engine 2 crank without the chip key & all I need is a boost. (since its been laying in cold weather for 4 weeks) Or is it normal to crank without chip & I definitely need a chip key to get this engine started?.
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