2004 Toyota Sequoia Questions

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I changed the radiator and spark plugs still misfire. Misfire happens only when low idle goes away then a little throttle is given
Valve Clarences are out of spec. Would this cause it not to start?
My car has been sitting for about 3 months waiting for a new radiator and battery. finally put new battery and radiator and now the car wont stay started. what areas could be the problem. Does it have to do with the computer being re-programmed? help desperate in florida .
I have to run the ac at all times or it loses power and shuts off if im not on the gas what can i do to fix this problem
When I make a slight right turn I hear noise on the left side, I replaced both front hub bearing and seals and still the same noise, if I turn left there is no noise
The engine noise is noticeable at higher speeds +60. Sounds like a engine roar or hum. Sound is louder once you come off the accelerator at speeds +60 and then dissipates at lower speeds.
front wheels vibrating when applying brakes
right above were the side air bags are located any ideas why
my daughter (2) years old. pushed the 4wd button while vehicle was off, turned vehicle on and the 4 green tire came on. and a orange circle light started blinking. got the fluids changed since i had just bought it from someone who didn't use the 4wd often. so i read up n thought that might b it. i try to reset it by disconnecting the battery, taking out fuse, and replacing fluids n nothing. still blinking. car drives fine. no noise no weird transmission jerks or noises. i already spend 230 changing fluids, in differentials and transfer case. and light still on.
flashing.could it maybe b we dont really know how to engage disengage 4wd?? how to lock transfer case? please help. i am in mist of starting my own Business i have no room for major work on this truck. i would appreciate any related info.
How do I ohm out my Throttle Position Sensor? At an idle it drops to under 500 RPMS at Highway Speeds the Check Engine light goes off.
My engine light is on and the vsc tracking light says vsc track off, how do i turn it off or is there something wrong with engine?
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