2003 Toyota Sequoia Questions

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Inquiring if third seats are removed will I get better gas mileage an easier ride

My battery gage was running high so I changed my alternator and battery and unplugged my radio, but now it's either to high or so low it wont hold a charge!! Like it has a bad alternator but it test good and my battery is brand new.

No problem.

This started happening randomly a couple of days ago. I brought it into a shop but everyone who has driven the SUV has never experienced it stall.
I have a new Air Filter; the Air intake, fuel system and throttle body sensor were cleaned. Now, the engine dies consistently. As long as i don't stop or apply the gas when the engine is about to turn off, my car will "come back to life" ... which is teaching me bad habits lol. Can someone please help me?

The transmission seems not to catch once it's put in drive. But once I pick up speed it's ok. My reverse sometimes doesn't catch either. Is it the whole transmission or just a few parts?

but still the car can not move and the new gear would not select. whats the possible problem?

a new gear was change but still the car
can move. whats the possible problem.

From my research I am pretty sure that it is the downstream (after cat) sensor, but cannot tell if it is right (passenger) or left (driver) side.

Just had a full tune up. Spark plugs are new. Brand new radiator etc

I have a rear window in my hatch back on my Sequoia and it will not open with a key or by pushing the button inside the car

This problem persist when the car is switched off and later switched on.

The light continued to blink and I did feel the cruise control moving my vehicle. Tried turn it off but it stayed blinking. About 10 minutes later it turned off on its own. Should I be concerned?

VSC TRAC, and VSC OFF, and ABS lights or on. they stay on, no flashing.
Went around a curve on the interstate a little to hard the other day and heard a beeping sound or warning signal come on. I am wondering if this may have cause these lights to come on? The vehicle is driving fine. Could it be the YEW sensor?

air bag light is on .belts need changing. running hot